Following the recent “Conversation about Cruising” at the Yankee Point Yacht Club, two cruises have been put on the calendar: Jackson Creek on September 10-11 and Onancock on October 4-7 (alternative dates: September 11-12 and October 15-18 respectively). All Yankee Point Marina slipholders are welcome to join.

Jackson Creek is a wonderful place to drop anchor and the Piankatank invites exploration on the way home. At Onancock, the cruise hopes to take advantage of all the amenities – doughnuts from Corner Bakery, ice cream from Scoops, and shared dinner at Mallards. We hope also to have special access to the two museums in town.

The Club also looks forward to a more challenging schedule next year to include a week or longer excursion to the northern Bay. Favourite destinations discussed included Norfolk (Harborfest), Cape Charles, Reedville, Tangier, Solomons, St Mary’s.

For those who have not cruised with a group, there are advantages cruising in numbers. The Club named a few:

  • Shared meals
  • Building friendships
  • Time to really talk
  • Safety (mutual support)
    – Help if needed
    – Sage advice
    – Shared gear

As the YPYC says: “We live on one of, if not the, most beautiful pieces of water in the world. We want to take advantage of our good fortune and the fact that many of us have instruments to perfect our enjoyment: our boats. Here we mean both sail and power. And we can share.”

The Club also intends to have a couple of “cruiselets” – day trips to a local destination.